Neofiliac’s new product comparison feature

Neofiliac has introduced a new product comparison feature. The uniqueness of our comparator comes in the amount of detailed, objective information available as well as in the flexibility that it affords the consumers.

Why Product Comparison?

The tech market is full of hype-men and influencers, marketing slogans and catch phrases. Neofiliac empowers consumers with unadulterated, objective information in its fullest detail.

Currently, we offer product gallery, price comparison (limited support due to API access limits), full specifications, user reviews, and external reviews. In the coming weeks, we will also introduce an AI-powered scoring system.

We believe that a comparator that allows users to compare different products (even those from entirely different industries) in a single page can be very useful for consumer-decision-making.

What Now?

Start using this amazing feature with this link. Alternatively, you can learn more about this feature with our user guide.

From late 2017 to 2019, I had been working on a project that attempted to empower innovative businesses with “product futures” that would bring advantages of the commodities futures market to B2B and some B2C settings using the blockchain technology.

While an experience of failure, this endeavor taught me the…

Dr Jiulin Teng

Founder #Neofiliac | PhD Strategy #HEC Paris | 12 yrs Intl Experience | Data scientist | Photographer

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